Steps to the Priesthood

Daily Schedule at the Seminary

(for priests, seminarians, and brothers)

5:30 Rise
6:00 Angelus, Prime, Meditation
7:00 Holy Mass and Thanksgiving
8:15 Breakfast and Chores
9:00 Classes / Study / Work
11:45 Sext / Particular Examination of Conscience
12:00 Angelus
12:15 Lunch and Recreation
1:35 Rosary
2:00 Classes / Study / Work
5:00 Holy Hour with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
6:15 Dinner and Recreation
7:30 Study
8:05 Spiritual Reading
8:45 Examination of Conscience, Compline
9:45 Lights Out

Year Phase of Religious Life Course of Studies  Level of Holy Orders
First Year Postulancy Liberal Arts
Second Year Reception of the Cassock/Novitiate Ascetical and Mystical Theology
Third Year Novitiate (continued) Philosophy
Fourth Year First Vows Philosophy Tonsure A ceremony in which one is received into the clerical state by having some hair cut from the top of the head
Fifth Year Renewal of Vows Theology Porter  / Receives the responsibility to open and lock the church doorsLector Receives the authority to read certain passages of Holy Scripture during Mass
Sixth Year Renewal of Vows Theology Exorcist  Receives the power to exorcize evil spirits with the permission of the bishopAcolyte Receives the right to carry the candles and give the wine and water at Holy Mass
Seventh Year Perpetual Vows Theology Subdiaconate  / Gives the right to present the water at a Solemn High Mass, to sing the Epistle, to bring the sacred vessels to the altar, to hold the paten during the Canon; it binds the ordinand to perpetual celibacy and the daily recitation of the Divine OfficeDiaconate Gives the authority to preach, distribute Holy Communion, and to solemnly baptize as well as to assist the priest at Holy Mass
Eighth Year Theology Priesthood Imprints an indelible mark upon the soul and gives the power to change bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and to forgive sins in the Sacrament of Penance


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